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The Secret Accessory to Use When Replacing Your Existing Air Conditioner


Air Conditioner Plenums and Adaptor Plates:

In most industrial environments, a properly applied enclosure air conditioner can last 15 years or longer. Like all mechanical devices however it will eventual need replacement. Once the existing air conditioner has reached its end-of-life cycle (or has been damaged), typically maintenance technicians or the end user prefer to replace the unit with an identical model as the original air conditioner. In many cases the unit is still available; this makes the replacement process fairly easy, as cutouts and bolt patterns remain the same. However, what happens when an exact replacement is not available? 

How Adaptor Plates Can Help

plate.pngDue to changes in refrigerant, manufacturer obsolescence or other factors, an exact replacement is not always possible. For these situations, an adaptor plenum may be the answer to provide a quick, seamless and simple solution for mounting newer air conditioners to the existing cut-out on the enclosure. The major benefit of this is that only minor modifications may be necessary to the enclosure. In addition, using an adapter plenum will allow you to upgrade to a model that may be more efficient, or have the latest control technology, such as a programmable thermostat that provides optimum temperature control, remote monitoring capability as well as other standard features that were once additional options or simply not available on older units.    



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Sizing, Installation and Construction

Proper sizing and installation of the adapter plenum is important. When properly sized and installed, the adapter plenum allows for optimum airflow and maximum performance, and eliminates unnecessary downtime needed to modify existing cut-outs or drilling of additional holes to align and mount the air conditioner. Kooltronic adapter plenums are designed and manufactured from painted, high quality steel or stainless steel, and are supplied with gaskets to maintain the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) interface rating.

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Ralph Hale

Written by Ralph Hale

Ralph is a Regional Sales Manager at Kooltronic