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underground-1081975_1920 (1)Kooltronic was recently asked to develop custom air conditioners for a major metropolitan subway system. In addition to the basic cooling requirements, the units also needed to be retrofitted to integrate into existing underground communications system cabinets. Working closely with the end user, a concept was developed by Kooltronic’s Engineering Department. Prior to production,unit prototypes were built and tested in our environmental chamber. Results were then reviewed and approved by the customer.

Some of the concerns that needed to be addressed included: unique air intake and discharge locations, custom filtration, ducting to mate with existing openings and dual-mode digital temperature control. To aid the customer during installation, as ep56tr-4well as for ease of maintenance, floor casters were added to the units. The final step in the process was agency approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL).  

While the majority of cooling solutions are standard products for the industry, Kooltronic has the in-house knowledge, experience and design expertise to assist in the most challenging cooling requirements. The confidence placed in Kooltronic by NYCTA resulted in a unit that will serve their needs for years to come.  Easy to use sizings tools!

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Steve Coulton

Written by Steve Coulton

Steve is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Kooltronic