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Thermal Management for Enclosures

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7 Do's and Don'ts for Enclosure Air Conditioners

A properly sized and well-designed system with appropriate thermal management will yield many benefits. Examples include optimum component performance, extended life, as well as efficient operation. For best results, make sure you consider these application details. 

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Do you know your first step when choosing a cabinet cooler?


When cooling an electrical enclosure, the airflow is an important factor to consider. However, to add to the complexity, different cooling products use air differently.Here is a  "must know" concept to ensure success for your application. 

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10 Enclosure Cooling Considerations

Early Planning Helps Avoid Problems Later!

 Heat producing components currently used in electronic and industrial equipment enclosures present the problem of dissipating the heat generated before damage can occur to heat-sensitive parts. In many cases, the problem can be solved by 

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Announcing the Inception of Our Blog

Kooltronic is pleased to announce the inception of our blog!

We’ll cover frequently asked questions and provide helpful information regarding enclosure cooling.

Topics will include applications, best practices, products and also common mistakes to avoid. Our goal is to help you with solutions to your cooling challenges.

Visit often as we will be adding new articles regularly, or better yet, subscribe and you’ll always be up to date!

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