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How Investing In Cooling Can Save Money


image-19The installation of an enclosure and the components it is housing, such as a variable frequency drive and associated controls can be very costly. These systems could be part of a manufacturing process or service generating considerable revenue. The cost of installing an enclosure cooling system designed for a specific application is often a fraction of the cost of the entire system it is protecting. By maintaining the proper temperature for operation, this will help any system run more efficiently and extend product life, therefore saving future costs that would otherwise be incurred if a cooling system is not utilized. 

Furthermore, the economic and safety related consequences of improper heat dissipation for systems used in critical infrastructure as well as other possible service interruptions should be considered at the design stage. Lost revenue due to heat related failures can quickly justify the expense for enclosure cooling. Whether a new system is being designed or an existing system is retrofitted, it is important to think about the benefits of cooling and incorporate these systems into the application. An enclosure designed from the beginning to run cool and dry will yield reliable system operation and reduced expenses in the long term. 

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Steve Coulton

Written by Steve Coulton

Steve is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Kooltronic