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Case Study - Enclosure Cooling in a Food Processing Environment



A major food processing plant had a cooling requirement for a washdown application on a very shallow stainless steel electrical enclosure, housing multiple small horsepower drives. The drives needed to be kept below 104°F (40°C) for reliable operation. Rigorous cleaning and disinfection of the electrical enclosure exterior via power washdown was required on a routine basis. The customer was expecting to utilize an enclosure air conditioner for this purpose, but the enclosure being used was only 8 inches deep, precluding the use of most special purpose air conditioners.


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The solution was to circulate the room air from the facility through the enclosure using Kooltronic NEMA Type 4X Stainless Steel Filter Fans and Filter Grilles. The filter fans and grilles would be placed on the door, with the filter fans located near the top of the door and the filter grilles located lower on the door. As the cool room air flows over the heat producing drives, the waste heat is discharged near the top of the enclosure.

This economical approach allows a shallow enclosure to be used and minimizes the complexity of the cooling system. An additional energy saving tip is to use a thermostat to cycle the fans off when the enclosure temperature is cool enough.



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Bruce Kreeley

Written by Bruce Kreeley

Director of Sales, Engineering and Marketing