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Air Conditioner Mounting Locations- 4 Things You Need to Consider


When designing a system where excess heat is a factor, air conditioner capacity is paramount for a smooth running and efficient installation. The majority of units are designed to be mounted vertically on the side of an enclosure.  Sometimes however, there are 

obstacles which may make it difficult to mount a unit in the ideal location. Therefore, it is important to be aware of a few helpful tips before the installation process that will ensure each installation is a success from the start. 
  • Some enclosures have single or double door fronts. Air conditioner units can be door mounted, however the weight of the unit and the enclosure’s stability must be addressed first. If mounting on the door, it is important to make sure the hinges can support the additional weight, especially when the doors are opened. Also, the center of gravity will be affected, so it is important to make   sure the footing is sufficient to accommodate this.
  • The depth of the  enclosure sometimes limits available mounting space, where the appropriate capacity unit  is too wide to fit. Narrow width air conditioners, such as the SlimKool Series, are designed to fit on the side of a 12” enclosure. While these narrow units conform to the industry movement toward shallow enclosures, which saves money and space, they also increase the challenge of mounting an appropriately sized unit. 

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  • In certain applications, the top of an enclosure may be the only available space to install a cooling unit. While this may not be the ideal location for mounting, top mounted units are available when necessary. Consequently, it is important to consider potential condensation issues that may impact components housed below the unit. Most Kooltronic top mount units feature built-in condensation evaporators, however extra care should always be taken to make sure internal components are not infiltrated.

  • Specific air conditioning units have been specially designed for EIA 19” racks. These rack mount units are installed on the existing rails typically found in the computer and data industries. In these applications, side mount units are not practical; therefore rack mounted units address the unique mounting and airflow requirements.


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Steve Coulton

Written by Steve Coulton

Steve is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Kooltronic