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7 Do's and Don'ts for Enclosure Air Conditioners


A properly sized and well-designed system with appropriate thermal management will yield many benefits. Examples include optimum component performance, extended life, as well as efficient operation. For best results, make sure you consider these application details. 


  1. Check performance data, and use sizing and selection tools to take out any guesswork. 
  2. Be careful not to oversize the unit. An air conditioner with too large of a capacity for the application can result in freezing of the evaporator coils.
  3. Consider the location where the unit will be installed, and make sure both the evaporator and condenser airflow paths are not impeded. Is the space surrounding the enclosure adequate for proper airflow on the condenser (outside) blower? Does the evaporator (inside) blower have space to allow proper airflow?
  4. Be cautious of adding protective covers to the outside of the unit. Whether this is intended for protection from the elements or for aesthetics, covers may reduce airflow, and ultimately, thermal performance.
  5. Seal the electrical enclosure to prevent humidity and outside air from entering. Gaps and louvers should be closed and gasketing checked for a proper seal. This is done to alleviate the introduction of ambient air as well as reduce the likelihood of condensation forming within the enclosure.  
  6. Consider using a time delay breaker for inrush current created when the AC starts. These are commercially available and should be utilized in certain applications.
  7. Beware of voltage drops in long electrical supply lines; voltage supply must be stable (+/- 10%).


Make sure to consult with an enclosure cooling expert to determine the best air conditioning system for your application!

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Bruce Kreeley

Written by Bruce Kreeley

Director of Sales, Engineering and Marketing