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That train keeps a rollin'

Kooltronic was recently asked to develop custom air conditioners for a major metropolitan subway system. In addition to the basic cooling requirements, the units also needed to be

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How Investing In Cooling Can Save Money


The installation of an enclosure and the components it is housing, such as a variable frequency drive and associated controls can be very costly. These systems could be

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Special Application Packaged Blowers - EMI/RFI Shielding

The Kooltronic EMI/RFI shield conforms to the latest technology in attenuation of electromagnetic interference. The KPR Series combines this shield with Standard Twin Packaged Blowers. This shielded front end can be incorporated into 

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Everything You Need to Know About NEMA Ratings and Enclosure Cooling


Like with a lot of things, a little knowledge goes a long way.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has set standards, or ratings for various types of electrical enclosures, most commonly used in industrial applications.Each NEMA type relates to

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Top 5 Panel Cooling Secrets You Need to Know

Don't overlook how important it is to consider all contributing factors that will adversely affect equipment operation. One of the chief enemies of a successful enclosure installation is

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Air Conditioner Mounting Locations- 4 Things You Need to Consider

When designing a system where excess heat is a factor, air conditioner capacity is paramount for a smooth running and efficient installation. The majority of units are designed to be mounted vertically on the side of an enclosure.  Sometimes however, there are 

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Air Conditioner Performance Charts-How They Can Help You


Performance charts are a useful tool when evaluating the suitability of an enclosure air conditioner, as they help to verify

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How to Eliminate the Risk of Condensation in Your Electrical Enclosure

Components housed in electrical enclosures are especially at risk to the dangers of condensation.We have all experienced a foggy morning when the dew covers the earth like a glistening blanket. This natural phenomenon occurs when

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Best Practices for Cooling Outdoor Kiosks

Offering the convenience and speed of self-service, kiosks are gaining more popularity worldwide, and it is difficult to imagine life without them. From ticketing and banking, to ordering food and printing pictures, kiosks are used for many different types of services; and with advances in technology, applications are always increasing. Kiosks typically

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The Secret Accessory to Use When Replacing Your Existing Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Plenums and Adaptor Plates:

In most industrial environments, a properly applied enclosure air conditioner can last 15 years or longer. Like all mechanical devices however it will eventual need replacement. Once the existing air conditioner has reached its end-of-life cycle (or has been damaged), typically maintenance technicians or the end user prefer to replace the unit with an identical model as the original air conditioner. In many cases the unit is

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